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Donald Trump Net Worth: $3 Billion (approx.)

Net Worth:$3 Billion (approx.)
Name:Donald Trump
Earnings per year:$600 Million (approx.)
Monthly Income:$50 Million (approx.)
Date of Birth:June 14, 1946
Height:1.9 M (6′ 2”)
Profession:Politician and Businessman

Donald Trump Net Worth is $3 Billion. Donald Trump is the former president of USA. Donald Trump is known for his strange and funny sense of speech.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump is a businessman, a politician, a producer, an actor, a host, a writer, a philanthropist. Trump full name is Donald John Trump. Trump is also known by his nickname The Donald or The Don. Donald Trump was the 45th president of United States of America.

After filing the mandatory financial disclosure report with the FEC in July 2015, Donald Trump announced a net worth of about $10 billion. Records released by the FEC showed at least $1.4 billion in assets and $265 million in liabilities.

Forbes estimated Donald Trump net worth at $4.5 billion in 2015 and $3.1 billion in 2018. In its 2021 billionaires ranking,Donald Trump net worth was $2.4 billion making him one of the wealthiest Presidents in American history.

What is the Net Worth of Donald Trump?:

NameDonald Trump
Net Worth ()$3 Billion
ProfessionPolitician, Businessmen
Monthly Income And Salary$50 Million +
Yearly Income$600 Million +
Last Updated(December, 2023)

Donald Trump net worth is $3 Billion. Apart from real estate and presidency, boxing and football matches management also add up to his income.

Donald Trump has also appeared in some television shows prior to his presidency. The most famous reality show being “The Apprentice” for which he was paid $375000 for each episode of this show.

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Donald Trump’s House:

Donald Trump penthouse in New York is worth $100 million and has 3 stories. Donald Trump also owns a 39000 sq ft mansion in Bedford, New York. The mansion has sixty rooms and an indoor pool of white marble. It has a formal garden, fountain and a howling alley.

Apart from this, Donald Trump also owns many apartments . Donald Trump owns a resort and a residence in Florida. After swearing in as the President, Donald Trump lived in The White House in Washington DC with his wife Melania Trump and his son.

Donald Trump car collection:

  • Rolce Royce Silver cloud
  • Lamborghini Diablo
  • Mercedes – Benz SLR Mclaren
  • Tesla Roadster
  • Cadillac Allante
  • Ferrari F430

Donald Trump Biography:

BornDonald John Trump
June 14, 1946 (age 76)
Queens, New York City, U.S.
Political partyRepublican (1987–1999, 2009–2011, 2012–present)
Other political
Reform (1999–2001)Democratic (2001–2009)Independent (2011–2012)
Spouse(s)Ivana Zelníčková​​(m.1977; div.1992), ​Marla Maples​​(m.1993; div.1999), ​Melania Knauss ​(m.2005)​
ChildrenDonald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, Barron
Parent(s)Fred Trump, Mary Anne MacLeod
Residence(s)Palm Beach, Florida
Alma materWharton School (BS Econ.)

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York City. Donald Trump Father Frederick Trump was an American Real estate developer.

Donald Trump Biography
(Photo by Vinnie Zuffante/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Donald Trump did his schooling from New York City. At the age of 13, his father enrolled him in a military school in order to discipline him. Donald Trump performed very well in the school. Donald Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Donald Trump began his career in 1968 by joining his father’s real estate company. In 1971, Donald Trump became the president of the company and renamed it from Elizabeth Trump and sons to The Trump Organization.

Donald Trump opened casinos, plazas, parks, hotels, golf clubs, etc which made great revenue. Donald Trump company faced losses during the early 1990’s because of financial crisis in the USA.

Donald Trump Political Career:

Donald Trump began his political career in 1987. Trump’s political party affiliation has changed many times. Donald registered as a Republican in 1987,a member of the Independence Party, the New York state affiliate of the Reform Party, in 1999,a Democrat in 2001, a Republican in 2009, unaffiliated in 2011, and a Republican in 2012.

In 1988, Trump approached Lee Atwater asking to be put into consideration as Republican nominee George H. W. Bush’s running mate. Bush rejected the request.

2000 presidential campaign and 2011 hints at presidential run

In 2000, Trump ran in the California and Michigan primaries for nomination as the Reform Party candidate for the 2000 United States presidential election but withdrew from the race in February 2000.

In 2011, Donald Trump speculated about running against President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, making his first speaking appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February 2011 and giving speeches in early primary states. In May 2011, he announced he would not run, and he endorsed Mitt Romney in February 2012.

2016 presidential campaign

Trump’s fame and provocative statements got him an unprecedented amount of free media coverage, elevating his standing in the Republican primaries.

His campaign statements were often opaque and suggestive,and a record number of them were false.

Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015. His campaign was initially not taken seriously by political analysts, but he quickly rose to the top of opinion polls. Trump became the front-runner in March 2016. After a landslide win in Indiana in May, Trump was declared the presumptive Republican nominee. Hillary Clinton led Trump in national polling averages throughout the campaign, but in early July her lead narrowed.

In mid-July Donald Trump selected Indiana governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate, and the two were officially nominated at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Trump’s political positions and rhetoric were right-wing populist.

Trump helped bring far-right fringe ideas, beliefs, and organizations into the mainstream,retweeted racist Twitter accounts, and repeatedly refused to condemn David Duke, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), or white supremacists.

Trump’s campaign focussed on renegotiating U.S.–China relations and free trade agreements such as NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, strongly enforcing immigration laws, and building a new wall along the U.S.–Mexico border.

Donald Trump Biography

Donald Trump became the US President in 2016 by defeating Hillary Clinton, his democract rival. Donald Trump slogan of “Make America Great Again” became very popular during this time.

2020 presidential election

Donald Trump filed to run for a second term with the FEC within a few hours of assuming the presidency. Trump held his first re-election rally less than a month after taking office and officially became the Republican nominee in August 2020.

By July 2020, Donald Trump campaign and the Republican Party had raised $1.1 billion and spent $800 million, losing their cash advantage over Democratic nominee Joe Biden.The cash shortage forced the campaign to scale back advertising spending.

Starting in spring 2020, Trump started to sow doubts about the election, claiming without evidence that the election would be rigged and that the expected widespread use of mail balloting would produce massive election fraud.

Trump campaign advertisements focused on crime, claiming that cities would descend into lawlessness if Biden won the presidency.

Joe Biden won the election on November 3, receiving 81.3 million votes (51.3 percent) to Trump’s 74.2 million (46.8 percent) and 306 Electoral College votes compared to Trump’s 232.

At 2 a.m. the morning after the election, with the results still unclear, Trump declared victory.

Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voting fraud were also refuted by state election officials.

Trump withdrew from public activities in the weeks following the election.He initially blocked government officials from cooperating in Biden’s presidential transition.

After three weeks, the administrator of the General Services Administration declared Biden the “apparent winner” of the election. The Electoral College formalized Biden’s victory on December 14 2020.

In December 2020, Newsweek reported the Pentagon was on red alert, and ranking officers had discussed what they would do if Trump decided to declare martial law. The Pentagon responded with quotes from defense leaders that the military has no role to play in the outcome of elections.

2021 capitol Attack

On January 6, 2021, while congressional certification of the presidential election results was taking place in the United States Capitol, Trump held a rally at the Ellipse, Washington, D.C., where he called for the election result to be overturned and urged his supporters to “take back our country” by marching to the Capitol to “show strength” and “fight like hell”.

Trump’s speech started at noon. By 12:30 p.m., rally attendees had gathered outside the Capitol, and at 1 p.m., his supporters pushed past police barriers onto Capitol grounds. Trump’s speech ended at 1:10 p.m., and many supporters marched to the Capitol as he had urged, joining the crowd there. Around 2:15 p.m. the mob broke into the building, disrupting certification and causing the evacuation of Congress.

After the mob was removed from the Capitol, Congress confirmed the Biden election win in the early hours of the next morning. Five people, including a Capitol Police officer, died during the attack.

Donald Trump Philanthropy:

Donald Trump has supported the following charities:

  • Paralyzed Veterans of America.
  • New York Police Foundation.
  • Wounded Worrier Project.
  • Los Angeles Police Memorial Fund.

Donald Trump has also donated huge amounts to the charities supported and promoted by the people who appeared on his television show, “The Apprentice”.

Donald Trump interesting facts:

Here are some interesting facts about Mr. Trump:

  • Donald Trump does not like to shake hands.
  • Donald is the second youngest of five children.
  • Donald Trump does not consume alcohol.
  • Donald is a WWE fan.
  • Donald played basketball, football, soccer and baseball while attending the New York Military Academy in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York.
  • Donald Trump hobbies include playing golf, wrestling, reading, etc.
  • Donald Trump does not smoke nor drink. The death of a sibling, his older brother Red Jr., urged Donald toward these decisions.
  • Donald Trump had an uncle, John G. Trump, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who was allowed by the FBI in 1943 to examine famed inventor Nikola Tesla‘s papers and equipment when Tesla passed away that year.
  • Trump family’s name was originally Drumpf or Drumpft but changed to Trump when the Thirty Years’ War occurred in the 1600s.
  • Donald Trump avoided going into the military by getting 4 student deferments. After being determined twice to be fit for duty, he got a 1-Y medical deferment in October of 1968.
  • Donald Trump made his first really big real estate deal happened in Manhattan with the remodeling of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in 1978.
  • Trump has never filed for bankruptcy six times for his business properties between 1991 and 2009.
  • Donald Trump owns and operates around 18 golf courses around the world.
  • At one time, Donald Trump was part owner of three major beauty pageants, from 1996-2015 he partly owned Miss Universe, Miss USA & Miss Teen USA.
  • From 2005 until 2010, Donald Trump owned and ran the Trump University LLC, where his courses covered real estate training.
  • Donald Trump appeared with his father Fred on the first ever Forbes 400 list in 1982, with a combined net worth estimated at $200 million.

Donald Trump FAQ:

What is the net worth of Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s total net worth is around $3 Billions.

What is the real age of Donald Trump?

Currently Donald Trump is 75 years old (14 June 1946).

What is the Salary of Donald Trump?

Donald Trump earns an estimated salary of $600 Million Per Year.

What is Donald Trump Height?

The Height of Donald Trump is 1.9 M (6′ 2”).

What is the name of Donald Trump’s Wife?

Donald Trump Wife name is Shay Melania Trump ​ ( m. 2005)