SSSniperWolf Net Worth 2023: Earnings, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Biography

SSSniperWolf Net Worth: $7 Million (approx.)

SSSniperWolf Net Worth is around $7 Million. SSSniperWolf is one of the most famous female YouTubers in the world.

SSSniperWolf Net Worth
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  • Currency                    Net Worth
  • Euro.               5,053,698
  • Pound Sterling            £ 4,330,392
  • Australian Dollar         A$ 7,967,442
  • Canadian Dollar          C$ 7,413,990
  • Indian Rupee.              ₹ 445,761,828

She earns millions of dollars in any given year.

SSSniperWolf Earnings sources:


Social Blade reported that SSSniperWolf earns anywhere between $116,000-$1 million per month and between $1.4-$22.4 million on an annual basis on average through revenue via AdSense.

Net Worth Spot approximated that SSSniperWolf earns an estimated $15.33 million a year from her channel’s AdSense considering the fact that she manages over 255.53 million views each month. Based on the average amount of $3-$7 paid per thousand views, the SSSniperWolf YouTube channel can generate an estimated $1.02 million a month, summing up to $15.33 million a year in ad revenue. This is a conservative estimate and the real figure could very well be as high as $27.6 million a year.

Brand Endorsements

SSSniperWolf has a huge following on every single account of hers, irrespective of what platform it was. With such social influence, it is obvious why brands like BooHoo clothing, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Gymshark, and G Fuel have chosen her to endorse their products and brands. SSSniperWolf reputation as a gaming YouTuber made her the brand ambassador for EA, Disney, Activision, and Ubisoft. Apart from this, Lia has collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills, a makeup brand, for an eyeshadow palette.

Business Ventures

SSSniperWolf has her own line of merchandise, Wolf Pack, and features T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, etc.

SSSniperWolf House:

Alia has huge net worth, SSSniperWolf has been able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. She co-owns the expensive real estate on the McDonald’s highland along with her partner Evan Sausage.

The couple paid $2.9 million for this property. The Home was built-in 2018 major highlights of the home include views of the Las Vegas strip, a wine room, a theatre, an outdoor kitchen, pocket walls, and an infinity.

SSSniperWolf Car Collection:

She owns a luxury Mercedes-Benz S Class which costs around  $117,700. This is her go-to vehicle.

SSSniperWolf Biography

SSSniperWolf Biography:

SSSniperWolf’s real name is Alia Marie “LiaShelesh and she was born on October 22, 1992. Alia is an English American Youtuber and actress who is known for her reaction, commentary, DIY videos, Vlogs and gaming videos. She has also collaborated with Dhar Mann.

SSSniperWolf Biography

Net Worth 2022:

Name:             SSSniperWolf

Net Worth: $7 Million

Age:               29 years

Monthly Salary:            $1 Million

Profession :                  YouTube

HEIGHT:         5 FT 4 IN OR 163 CM

WEIGHT:         54 KG



Hair Colour                   Black

Eye colour                   DARK BROWN

Now you already know that she gets too much fame and money after her career grows up.

 SSSniperWolf Career:

SSSniperWolf started playing games at an early age when her father discovered that she was interested in gaming and he supported her well. At 19, she started her first youtube channel named “Sexy Sexy Sniper” where she used to upload short vlogs and that channel accumulated 50,000 subscribers, however, 2 years later, she made a new channel and deleted the old one another mid-2013.

SSSniperWolf Biography

In 2013 she deleted it and created a new channel named SSSniperWolf. On this channel, she began uploading videos. Alia started uploading videos on her YouTube channel as a gaming channel notably her Call of Duty videos. Since 2017 most of her videos are reaction content.

She also mentioned that her name SSSniperwolf comes from bosses of Metal Gear Solid, her favourite childhood game. She also claims that the ‘SS‘ in her name does not mean anything.

From 2020 onwards, she regularly made it to the Trending Page, gaining intense popularity.

SSSniperWolf currently has billions of views on her youtube channel. She has almost 31 million subscribers on her main Youtube channel. Alia has more than 3.7 million subscribers on her 2nd channel which is an achievement.

Alia is also known to appear in Dhar Mann’s videos as herself. In the videos, she is the idol of Sam/Psycho Mantis (played by Sofia Chicorelli Serna), a girl who wants to be a gamer just like her, despite her sexist mother not allowing her. But after Alia gives her a PS5, she becomes a professional gamer and earns a lot of fame and money, and her mother discards her sexist beliefs.

This in itself brings more issues such as a bully targeting her due to her fame, but she earns his friendship by paying for his rent and car. “Sam” and SSSniperWolf appear in more miscellaneous videos, though with minor roles.

She also set up a second channel, Little Lia in June 2014, that showcased arts & crafts, baking, hauls, challenges, and makeup tutorials. She started posting “Trying Life Hacks” videos that gained that channel popularity in its own right.

SSSniperWolf Kids’ Choice Awards

On March 23, 2019, and May 2, 2020, Alia won the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Gamer. This was met with a lot of backlash from many people on the internet who stated that she was not a true gamer, due to the majority of her content being reaction-based as of 2019.

Others began believing that the KCA’s were rigged and completely biased considering the other people nominated for Favorite Gamer, such as Markiplier, jacksepticeye and Ninja, who have more gaming-based content. Several users then began to put offensive inputs and theories on why she won.

SSSniperWolf Channel milestones

Subscriber milestones

1 million subscribers: January 9, 2015

2 million subscribers: December 18, 2015

3 million subscribers: June 29, 2016

4 million subscribers: December 3, 2016

5 million subscribers: April 18, 2017

6 million subscribers: July 19, 2017

7 million subscribers: December 17, 2017

8 million subscribers: March 3, 2018

9 million subscribers: May 19, 2018

10 million subscribers: July 4, 2018

11 million subscribers: August 7, 2018

12 million subscribers: October 3, 2018

13 million subscribers: November 24, 2018

14 million subscribers: January 28, 2019

15 million subscribers: March 30, 2019

16 million subscribers: July 1, 2019

17 million subscribers: September 21, 2019

18 million subscribers: January 25, 2020

19 million subscribers: April 5, 2020

20 million subscribers: May 27, 2020

21 million subscribers: July 18, 2020

22 million subscribers: September 10, 2020

23 million subscribers: November 1, 2020

24 million subscribers: December 26, 2020

25 million subscribers: February 3, 2021

26 million subscribers: March 6, 2021

27 million subscribers: April 24, 2021

28 million subscribers: June 16, 2021

29 million subscribers: August 15, 2021

30 million subscribers: November 2, 2021

31 million subscribers: February 7, 2022

SSSniperWolf Boyfriend:

If we talk about her relationship yeah she was in a relationship with Evan Sausages and according to a November 2015 video confession, the two soon began having conversations via text and Skype all day long.

Eventually, they met and even bought a house together. Despite admitting that their relationship had some rough patches and growing pains, Sniper also mentioned that she believes they will marry one day.

Even though they are frequently on and off, the pair is still together, and things are probably better between them than they were before.

Similarly, Sniper also likes travelling. She has been spotted exploring beautiful cities worldwide.

Charity done by SSSniper wolf

Sniper does charity campaigns and fundraising for numerous causes such as children’s education, health, and homelessness. Also, she provides the number of proceeds from merchandise sales to different charity associations.

She has also volunteered for many animal liberation organizations and shelters. Despite being an active philanthropist and social media user, she manages to keep her thoughtful efforts mostly out of the spotlight.

SSSniperwolf Interesting facts:

  • SSSniperWolf is known for her gaming, some people will assume that she always stays at her house but that’s not true she goes out and do some kind of activities such as hiking and swimming.
  • Similarly, she works out at home in her gym room regularly.
  • SSSniperWolf is well-known for having an hourglass figure. Sniper also enjoys spending time with her dogs. She frequently posts various entertaining videos of her dogs on her social media, especially on YouTube.
  • She lives a luxurious life where she can buy what she wants easily. She started her channel small and now she is one of the best female YouTubers in the world.
  • she loves anime and food
  • Her first ever cosplay was a Dragon Ball Z character
  • She wanted to be a nurse
  • She was born in England
  • she is getting into acting
  • she loves the outdoor
  • If She Wasn’t Gaming She’d Be Working In Fashion
  • She Was On An Episode Of Fear Factor
  • She loves to collaborate with Keanu Reeves.
  • According to Looper, she received her first console when she was only 8. Her father bought her a PlayStation 1 — not because it was her birthday or anything, but because he wanted SSSniperWolf and her brother to stop fighting.

SSSniperwolf Controversy

She had been arrested for ‘disorderly conduct’ on two separate occasions back in 2013 and 2016. Moreover, she has also been called out in the past for her controversial relationship with fellow streamer Evan Sausage and, for being toxic, hypocritical, and averse to criticism.

While these allegations seemed to have been brushed under the carpet, recently, severe allegations of transphobia and racism have surfaced online, which seems to have attracted the gaze of the cancel culture mob.