Neha Narkhede Net Worth: Biography, Husband, Interesting Facts

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Neha Narkhede Net Worth: $500 MIllion

Neha Narkhede is ranked 57th on Forbes’ list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women as of 2023. Neha Narkhede net worth is around $500 million.

Neha Narkhede, a businesswoman of Indian origin, is an American entrepreneur. Before joining the board in 2020, she co-founded Confluent and served as its CTO. In 2019, Forbes recognized Neha as one of America’s Self-Made Women.

Neha Narkhede Net Worth

Reports indicate that Neha Narkhede ranks eighth among the top 10 wealthiest Indian women, with a net worth of 13,380 crores, making her the newest addition to India’s list of richest women.

As per Forbes, Neha Narkhede is one of the wealthiest self-made female entrepreneurs globally. She attributes her success to her father, who used to read her stories about brave women achieving success in their careers. These tales inspired her, taught her valuable lessons, and helped shape her self-perception as a successful individual. Currently, she works as a consultant and investor for several technology firms.

Neha Narkhede’s estimated net worth is 4,700 crores, and she is ranked 336th on the Hurun India Rich List.

Who is Neha Narkhede?

Neha Narkhede is an Indian-born entrepreneur, counselor, and investor who is now an American citizen. She co-founded Confluent and held the position of CTO before becoming a board member in 2020. She is an accomplished female entrepreneur from India who has achieved self-made success.

Neha Narkhede moved to the United States from India in 2006. She began her career as a software developer at Oracle in 2007 and later worked at LinkedIn. In 2014, Neha collaborated with some of her LinkedIn colleagues to launch Confluent, a streaming service. The company’s current valuation is $2.55 billion.

Neha Narkhede Biography:

Born in Pune, India, in 1984, Neha Narkhede pursued her education at the University of Pune after completing her studies at the Pune Institute of Computer Technology. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Following her graduation, she moved to the US and enrolled at Georgia Tech, where she earned a master’s degree in technology. Neha decided to stay in the country and eventually obtained US citizenship. After completing her further education, she joined Oracle as a software engineer.

Neha Narkhede Career:

In 2011, Neha joined LinkedIn, and in 2014, she co-founded Confluent. Alongside Gwen Shapira and Todd Palino, she authored a book titled “Kafka: The Definitive Guide” in 2017, sharing her expertise in the field.

The book has been widely praised by readers worldwide who are interested in learning more about the history and creation of Kafka. Neha currently serves as a board member of Confluent. In 2019, the company raised $125 million, bringing its total funding to $206 million.

By April 2020, Confluent reached a significant financial milestone with a valuation of $456 million and raised a total of $250 million. Various companies, including Goldman Sachs, Netflix, and Uber, have started utilizing their platform for developing data-driven applications since Confluent’s IPO filing in March 2017, estimated at around $10 billion.

Neha Narkhede Net Worth

In 2019, Confluent sponsored the Apache Kafka Summit in London, where Neha mentioned that 60% of the Fortune 100 companies were using Apache Kafka.

In an interview, she stated that even today, newly established digital companies use Apache Kafka as the foundation of their businesses.

Neha Narkhede, along with being a co-founder of Confluent, is also one of the co-creators of Apache Kafka.

Neha Narkhede husband:

Neha Narkhede’s husband is Sachin Kulkarni. Both Neha and her husband have a common love for travel and are passionate scuba divers.

Neha Narkhede husband

They enjoy creating lists of exciting dive locations worldwide. Recently, they had an exhilarating experience at the Great Blue Hole in Belize, where they encountered numerous sharks, providing them with an adrenaline rush.

Neha Narkhede Awards and honors:

In 2017, MIT Technology Review named her as one of the innovators under 35.
In 2018, she recieved the Oracle Ground breaker Award at the Oracle Code One conference in San Francisco.
In 2018, she was also one of America’s top 50 Women in Tech by Forbes.
In 2018, Narkhede was one of the world’s top 50 Women in Tech by Forbes.
In October 2020, she was listed #33 on the list of America’s Self Made Women by Forbes.