Kali Muscle Net Worth 2023: Earnings, Age, Height, Wife, Children, Biography

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Kali Muscle Net Worth: $5 Million (approx.)

Net Worth:$5 Million (approx.)
Profession:Bodybuilder, Actor, Philanthropist, YouTuber, & Motivational speaker
Birth Date:February 18, 1975
Birthplace:Oakland, California, United States
Height:1.78 m
Weight:95 kg
Last Updated:(December, 2023)

Kali Muscle net worth is $5 million. Kali “Muscle” Kirkendall professionally identified as Kali Muscle is by profession a body builder, author, actor and an Entrepreneur. In short, he can also be called a multi talented person.

Kali Muscle Net Worth
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Originally Kali Muscle Kirkendal is known as Chuck Kirkendall, the name given by his parents.  Initially he was born in Oakland of California on February 18, 1975. Presently he is nearly of age 47.  Since he was born in February, it is meant that his sunshine is Aquarius.

Kali Muscle Net Worth (2023):

Kali Muscle net worth is $5 million.

Initially Kali did not belong from a very wealthy family. Hence his whole financial stability has been created by himself alone. Kali Muscle also has his own YouTube channel from which he more or less earns $13.4k in a month. Also from his YouTube channel, Kali Muscle earns around $160k in a year.

Kali Muscle Net Worth

On the other side, Kali is a very famous body builder by profession. Hence from this profession he usually earns $19,726 (approximately).

Kali Muscle Cars:

Kali Muscle had posted a video in his channel mentioning about his cars. His garage mostly has the top rated and most costliest cars of all. In that video we saw every type of cars starting from the luxurious ones to the sports cars.

Kali Muscle Net Worth

Kali Muscle car list includes Bentley Continental GT, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes Benz AMG G Wagon, Chevrolet, Silverado, Chevrolet Camaro, Porch Cayenne, Porshe Cayman, and Porsche Cananamera. His car list does not end here but also includes a black Jeep Cherokee, MacLean.

Kali Muscle House:

Currently he has bought a new two storied house. In his youtube channel there has been video posted about his new house. The second floor of his house contains a playground, master bedrooms and most importantly his personal office. A fancy staircase has been shown in the video which is connecting the first and the second floors. The first floor of his house contains the game room, baby’s room, guest room and the dining room. Not just that but his house actually has a 20ft private swimming pool.

Kali Muscle Biography:


Kali Muscle was born on February 18, 1975 to American parents. Few days after his birth, his original parents got separated and later Kali started to live with his step mother.

Kali Muscle Biography

Losing his actual parents at a very initial age, he claims to have a very disturbed childhood. Kali’s father was always involved into domestic violence which affected Kali Muscle’s delicate childhood days.

According to the reports, Kali had an elder brother to took his own life while Kali was playing. This suicide incident of his elder brother happened when Kali was a teenager and hence this heart breaking incident had put Kali into serious depression.

Kali himself accepts that on those years he was a complete different person compared to what he is now. In one of his interviews, he claimed that during those depressed years, he was a very violent and angry person. He used to react very violently in few situations. He had cut all channels of communication with all his friends and relatives. He accepted that on those years he was more of a loner than a normal person. But in the later years he returned from that phase of depression.

In his teenage, he started going to a neighborhood gym called ’24-hour fitness’. Initially, he took it as a pass time and fun activity. Later Kali started taking his workout sessions seriously and changed his hobby into a profession. He has also received a football scholarship from the Fresno State University.

Kali Muscle Career:

Kali Muscle is professionally an author, body builder, actor, and an entrepreneur.  Kali’s first music video where his role was being a body builder himself was LMFAO : Sexy and I Know It. His next hit role was of a soldier in the super hit movie Wonder Woman. Up next Kali has been seen in many videos including Crispus Attucks: Today Was a Good Day, Internal Behavior Part 2 and many more.

Kali Muscle Net Worth

Other than music videos his presence was seen in a number of TV series which includes Workaholics, Savior, Wilfred and more. High budget projects like Wonder Woman, White T, and Life Coach In Maury. Recently Kali’s present big budget project includes the action comedy movie “Bones In Bullet Ride”.

Apart from being a fitness guru and actor, Kali Muscle is also an author. In 2013, Kali published a book titled X-con to Icon, which was his own biography.

In the book, Muscle describes his life journey and experience. Through this book, he delivers the right messages to the young people in his own words.

Kali Muscle Height:

Kali Muscle Kirkendall, being such a tall body builder heights to 6 feet 2 inches. Being such a famous and successful body builder, his current (2021) weight is 111kgs. His eye color is blue and his hair color is Blonde.

Kali Muscle Wife | Kali Muscle Children

In the year 2017, (May 31)  Kali got married with Helena, a self proclaimed entrepreneur. But before marrying Helena Kirkendall, he has tied a knot of marriage with Dvyne, who is a makeup artist, model, author, and a singer. Later on December 25, 2019, Kali Kirkendall and Helena Kirkendall had officially announced the arrival of their twin kids Kali Muscle Jr and Brooke Taylor.

Kali Muscle Interesting Facts:

After his marriage with Dvyne Kirkendall, there was a rumor that Kali was put to San Quentin State jail in the accusation of robbery. It is also said that Kali Muscle has spent 11 years of his life in San Quentine State prison. Although no such solid evidence has been put in front for the world.


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