Ivan Toney Net Worth [2023]: Contract, Salary, Girlfriend, Height, Biography

Ivan Toney Net Worth: $8 Million

Ivan Toney net worth is around $8 Million

Ivan Toney Net Worth
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But this will grow up to $12 million in upcoming 3 years due to his Brentford contract of $ 2 M per annum.

England is an International team that is one of its kind in its composition of the team that has a very strong defence and a good attack with a kind of average midfielding unit. They aren’t bad but also they aren’t one of the best.

Ivan Toney Net Worth
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One member of that good attack is Ivan Toney. Ivan Toney along with playing for England also plays for Premier league club Brentford. He primarily plays as an striker and attacker but also adjusts in aggressive midfielder and winger positions according to team demands.

Ivan Toney Salary:

Ivan Toney signed a contract with Peterborough United in 2018 which was a long term contract, the fee for which was not disclosed but Peterborough Telegraph reported it as $ 650k. After two years in 2020 Toney signed with Championship Club Brentford for a five year deal. The fee was about $ 10 M with add-ons according to Peterborough Today . This adds up to $ 2M per annum. This whole fee is not added to their net worth as nearly half of it is expected to be in liabilities and only 50-60% part of it is included in net worth.

Ivan Toney Endorsements and Sponsorships:

Sponsorships contribute significantly to a player’s overall net worth. His personal sponsorship information is unknown, and it’s possible that he doesn’t have many business affiliations. Due to the interlinked contracts, he is also connected to Hollywood Bets and Umbro,  the main sponsors of Chelsea.

Ivan Toney Market Value:

Market value is the amount value of a player he holds in the football professional market. It is not actual money owned by the player but it is virtual value that is estimated for the player. According to calculations of many different trading websites Ivan Toney Market Value is about $ 41 Millions . Market value keeps on fluctuating with time and it is expected that his value will increase with time as he is expected to improve.

Ivan Toney Instagram Earnings:

A good amount of any celebrity net worth also includes earnings from the social media as their fans follow them and involve with them socially. We have taken Instagram as a reference to all social platforms as the monetization is not that good on other platforms. He has his account on Instagram @ivantoney1 . According to Influencer Marketing Hub he has about 160k followers and has posted a total of 68 posts as of now. His followers provide him with 7.14% of engagement rate and approximately 11k average likes. His earnings per post is estimated to be from $ 480 – $ 800.

Ivan Toney House:

Here, we’ll discuss Trevoh Chalobah’s home and other properties that he owns. He has a house back in Northampton which is his ancestral house where he was born.  He has a residence of his own in Brentford and he says Brentford is like his second hometown. The residence boasts adequate levish services despite not being a large villa. The value of that house is still unknown.

Ivan Toney Cars Collection:

Ivan Toney is greatly fond of cars. He is a physically raw player and his most expensive buy if Mercedes G-Wagon reflects his personality to an extent.

Ivan Toney Cars

He also has some SUVs for his girl and his family but whenever he is seen in his personal vehicle it is Mercedes G-Wagon only.

Ivan Toney Soccer Career:

Ivan Toney has played for a lot of clubs in his career. He has gone through many transfers and also has played for many clubs for loan. He started with hometown club Northampton town and at 16 years old he became the youngest first-team player in the club’s history. He then also went to play for other teams as Newcastle United, Barnsley, Shrewsbury Town, Scunthorpe United, Wigan Athletic, Peterborough United and then he joined his current team i.e. Brentford.

TeamsLeagueNo. Of MatchesGoalsAssists
Northampton TownLeague 260137
Newcastle UnitedPremier league & Championship4 
Barnsley (Loan)League One212
Shrewsbury Town (Loan)League One2677
Scunthorpe UnitedLeague One35156
Wigan Athletic (Loan)League One28610
Peterborough UnitedLeague One944919
BrentfordPremier league & Championship975233

Ivan Toney International Career:

In March 2021, there were rumours of Toney joining Jamaican National Team as a part of a plan by the Jamaican Football Federation that were planning to invite England born players to strengthen their teams.

According to Hampshire live, Toney was allegedly in the process of obtaining a Jamaican passport in order to represent his country, according to Michael Ricketts, head of the Jamaican Football Federation but later Toney denied the rumours saying he only wishes to represent his birth Nation. He was selected for the International team some days ago (source) back but has not got the chance to make his debut yet. But he is expected to make his debut anytime soon.

Ivan Toney Transfer History:

 Apparently as it was earlier mentioned that Toney has gone through many transfers in his career albeit the loan transfer and contract signing. His whole transfer list starting from Northampton to Brentford is:

Northampton Youth / Academy – Start

Northampton – July 1, 2013

Newcastle – August 6, 2015

Barnsley FC – November 9, 2015 (Loan Transfer)

Newcastle – December 23, 2015 (End of Loan)

Barnsley FC – March 24, 2016 (Loan Transfer)

Newcastle – May 31, 2016 (End of Loan)

Shrewsbury – August 8, 2016 (Loan Transfer)

Newcastle – January 5, 2017 (End of Loan)

Scunthorpe United – January 12, 2017 (Loan Transfer)

Newcastle – May 31, 2017 (End of Loan)

Wigan – August 2, 2017 (Loan Transfer)

Newcastle – January 10, 2018 (End of Loan)

Scunthorpe United – January 11, 2018 (Loan Transfer)

Newcastle – May 31, 2018 (End of Loan)

Peterborough – August 9, 2018

Brentford – September 1, 2020

Ivan Toney Age, Height and Weight:

∆ Ivan Toney Age is 26 years.

∆ Ivan Toney height is 1.79m .

∆ Ivan Toney weight is 70kg.

∆ Ivan Toney Jersey No. Is #17.

Ivan Toney Biography: 

His full name is Ivan Benjamin Elijah Toney. He was born on March 16, 1996 in Northampton, England. By roots he is of Jamaican – English ethnicity. His mother’s name is Lisa. Ivan Toney was raised alongside his two sisters, Jemma and Jasmine.

Ivan Toney Biography
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He also grew up with two other half-brothers from the same mother. Specifically, his mother provided the majority of his upbringing. In case you were unaware, Ivan Toney has not mentioned his father anywhere in public and not much information is available about him. He once said about his mom , “MY MUM’S SACRIFICE WAS TO MAKE SURE I WAS ALWAYS EATING CORRECTLY. SHE MADE SURE I WAS DOING GOOD AND GETTING TO WHERE I WANTED. I CAN’T THANK MY MUM ENOUGH FOR WHAT SHE HAS DONE FOR ME.”

Ivan Toney Tattoo : He has some tattoos done on his body or we should say many tattoos. The description is , A kitten is first seen staring into a crystal-clear pool. The cat sees a tiger peering back at him through the water instead of its reflection. Ivan Toney stated that the tattoo’s meaning was as follows: “THAT IS HOW I SEE MYSELF WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR. TRULY, IT ONLY MATTERS HOW I SEE MYSELF AND NOT HOW OTHERS SEE ME.”

Ivan Toney Wife:

Ivan has had some relationships in the past that didn’t quite work out till he met Katie Toney. Many of you are already aware that Toney is married! Katie and he also have a son named Ivan Toney Junior.

Ivan Toney Wife

Father and son spend a lot of quality time together and many pics are on the surface of social media of them together enjoying.

Ivan Toney Honours and Achievements:

  • He was named both League One top scorer and Player of the Season in 2019–20 for Peterborough United.
  • Toney became the club’s youngest player when he made his first-team debut in 2012 for Northampton Town.
  • He was nominated for the EFL Championship Player of the Season of 2021 for Brentford.
  • He won the Football League Trophy in  2015–16 season with Barnsley.
  • He was selected asBrentford Supporters’ Player of the Year in 2020–21.
  • He was the Golden Boot holder in the EFL Championship  2020–21.
  • He was selected as EFL League One Player of the Year in 2019–20 season
  • In the London Football Awards he was elected as EFL Player of the Year.

Ivan Toney Interesting Facts:

# In the EFL Championship he played for Brentford and scored a total of 31 goals during the 2020-21 season which was a record of highest number of goals. It also helped his club to earn promotion to Premier Club.

# Toney was on the verge of joining Wolverhampton Wanderers in November 2014, however the deal fell through owing to an unspecified medical problem which was a very rare cause interrupting any player’s contract Transfer.

# Before the season was called off in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Toney scored nine goals in his final seven games and at the subsequent  EFL Awards, he received the Player of the Season award.

# While at Brentford, the club stopped taking a knee in protest of racism; Toney claimed that players were being “used as puppets” to make the gesture while society remained unchanged. Throughout the season, he received racist online abuse. Following Brentford’s decision to take the knee for the 2020-21 Premier League season, Toney stated that he would not join his colleagues and would continue to stand.

Ivan Toney FIFA World Cup:

Had anyone asked six to eight months before about Toney chances of playing the upcoming Football world cup for England, the answer would probably have been none. But his exceptional performances have made the coach think about him hard. And some days ago he was drafted into the English National Football team squad and will be making his debut soon. However England has many attackers placed very well in their 11 and it will be a long way for Toney to make it to the starting 11 in the world cup. But never say never! And if he makes up the opportunity he gets before the world cup he can be seen running with Harry Kane in the upcoming FIFA.

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