Anbu Chezhiyan Net Worth [2022]: Income, House, Wiki, Age, height, Cars

Anbu Chezhiyan Net Worth: Rs 100 Crore (approx.)

Anbu Chezhiyan Net worth is around Rs 100 Crores.

Anbu Chezhiyan Net Worth

G. N. Anbu Chezhiyan is a well – known Tamil film producer and financier. He runs a production house, named Gopuram. Known for muscle power and financial clout, Anbu is currently leading the Tamil Film industry. He is also quite a controversial figure and has been accused for being involved in shoddy business deals.

Anbu Chezhiyan Biography:

Anbu Chezhiyan is a running a sort of powerful empire in Tamil Film industry. He has been accused of the suicide of a film producer named Venkateswaran in 2003. He was even arrested in 2011 for threatening a producer. 


Anbu Chezhiyan has been more involved in financing films, rather than producing. He has been instrumental in the success of many blockbusters. He is known for ensuring no issue with the finance when a film goes to the floor. 

Born in 1964, Anbucheziyan is the son of Neelamegam, a former headmaster based in Kamuthi, Ramanathapuram. Anbucheziyan moved to Madurai in the early 1990s, lending petty cash to street side vendors and small roadside shops for rates of interests.

His business performed well and as a result, he moved on to advance loans to film distributors in the region and as there was a need and space in the industry to grow.

Through his business venture Gopuram Films, he started producing medium budget films and also took up the distribution part of various movies. Also, he helped many budding film directors and producers to bring up their dream movies in big screens.

Personal Profile

  • Date of Birth:Age: 52 Years
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Educational Qualification:Graduate

As producer

Vellaikaara Durai (2014)
Thanga Magan (2015)
Marudhu (2016)
Aandavan Kattalai (2016)

Interesting and Lesser Known Facts:

  • Income Tax Department has recently conducted a raid on the premises of Anbu. The raid found huge cache of unaccounted money, including cash of Rs. 65 Crores. He is currently involved with Tamil actor Joseph Vijay, and hence the actor is also being blamed for evading of Income Tax.
  • Anbu has produced four Tamil films, including Marudhu. However, he has financed umpteen numbers of films. He was also accused in the case of suicide of film producer Ashok Kumar.

Who is Anbu Chezhiyan?

Madurai-based Anbu Chezhiyan is a film financier, and is also notorious for harassing his clients. He also owns a production company named Gopuram Films. He is well-known for lending money to other producers, with their properties as lease, which end up with him if the producers default payment. Anbu Chezhiyan Started off by lending money to small-scale shopkeepers, slowly rose to a very prominent position in the film industry.

Anbu Chezhiyan and his modes of harassment were in the news after the producer Ashok Kumar committed suicide in 2003. In his suicide note, he clearly named Anbu Chezhiyan who was harassing him to settle the exorbitant money Ashok Kumar owed him. In 2017, Anbu Chezhiyan was booked for abetment of suicide.

Anbu Chezhiyan’s name has come up when G. Venkateswaran, a well-known Kollywood producer and brother of ace director Mani Ratnam, was found hanging at his residence in 2003. Though he did not leave behind a suicide note, there were strong rumours that he had committed suicide due to pressure from financiers, after a few of his movies flopped. Amidst the rumours, Anbu Chezhiyan also went forth and held a press conference saying he had not lend money to Venkateswaran.

According to reports, financiers like Anbu charge interests between 10-20 per cent, and with a delay in payment, the interest piles up.

As per media reports ,Anbu Chezhiyan Net worth is around Rs 100 Crores or even more. All this net worth or wealth be confirmed by any official sources

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